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Top 5 Accomplishments

  • The establishment of our first ever BPMS Environment Club has led to a serious strengthening of our environmental focus.  Students from all grade levels meet each Monday after school and develop projects to improve the environment of the school and the world at large. 

  • Grant for edible learning gardens – This year BPMS partnered with Targeted Leadership Consulting to support a student-planned and maintained Edible Learning Garden in raised garden beds on the school campus.  Students will work in the garden to learn how to raise their own vegetables at home and will share the produce from the Edible Learning Garden with the local community

  • BPMS also constructed a hydroponic garden at the school to show how indoor gardening can be done in almost any setting.  Students are able to observe and interact with the hydroponic garden as a part of their coursework.

  • BPMS has begun a weekly school wide recycling program this year that has had great success.  Each classroom has an identified box where students and teachers put all extra paper from unused or unwanted assignments.  The contents of these boxes are collected by student volunteers several times a week and taken to the large school recycling bin. Student volunteers also collect trash around the school property for recycling during their breaks.

  • This past year was also the first time BPMS received a grant from the Junior League of Annapolis to sponsor a Girls on the Run Team "Heart and Sole"! Because of this, our students were able to participate in the 5K run in Baltimore this winter. Now we are anticipating a large turnout for next year’s run as well!

Girls On The Run Grant
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