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7th Grade Math

Mrs. Mitchell

Not only has Mrs. Mitchell been determined to go completely paperless by turning her classrooms virtual this year, but she also helped other members in the county do the same. Because of all her efforts Mrs. Mitchell was awarded BPMS Teacher of the Month!


Media and Technology Specialist


Mrs. Everitt has truly paved the way for our teachers and staff here at BPMS. Not only does she keep all staff up to date with useful technology, but she has also taught several Google Classroom PDs, provides engaging online experiences for her students in the Guys and Gadgets after school club and does everything in her power to provide the teachers with the online tools necessary to lead our classrooms through the 21st century. 

(Click her picture to check out a sample of her work log since 2018!)


8th Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Moore

Since the beginning of the year (2019) Mrs. Moore has worked extremely hard to turn her classes digitally too! Check out some of her google classroom lessons!

(Click on her picture to see more!)

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