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Goals for the Future

BPMS has several long-term goals that we hope to accomplish as part of this project. Meeting these goals will depend upon a combined effort of the school staff, students, families and community, and they will also benefit each group.

4 years from now – 

The BPMS edible learning garden will be fully functional, and have expanded to include six raised beds that are planted and maintained by the student Environment Club.  The gardens will be planted with winter crops early each Fall, and then again each Spring with a more diverse mix of vegetables.  
The edible learning garden project will be directly tied to the 6th Grade Science curriculum, with a set of lessons based on integrating and extending Science, Language Arts and Art standards.  Hands on experiences will be an integral part of the lessons.
Progress toward BPMS facilities having zero impact on climate change will include a structured process for inventorying annual energy use, leading to a plan for reduction in energy need and increase in renewable energy sources.

8 years from now - 

The BPMS edible learning garden will be working with the community in an established system for distributing food from the gardens to those in the community in greatest need.  Community partners such as the local food bank and local churches will be partnering with BPMS in developing and administering the distribution plan.
The school science curriculum will include specific content that addresses standards connected to renewable energy concepts and approaches, including a student-developed plan for making the facilities at BPMS continuously greener, and involving students in identifying ways to incorporate these principles into energy conservation in their homes.
The BPMS Environment Club will have worked with local agencies and businesses to reconstruct the woodland habitat trails adjacent to the school that have fallen into disrepair.  The trails will not only be safe and navigable by all local residents, including those with disabilities, but they will also be structured as learning walks, with signs identifying plants and geographical aspects significant to the environment.

12 years from now - 

The BPMS edible garden will be continuing to support the needs of the local community while also grounding students in the science and arts of horticulture.
In collaboration with AACPS, local businesses and other local government agencies, BPMS will have obtained grants and support for the installation of solar panels for the main buildings and authorization for an outdoor classroom (designed and submitted to Parks and Recreation by BPMS students this year) all of which will be in full operation.
Multiple aspects of the Science curriculum will engage students in hands-on activities involving the BPMS renewable energy sources, the edible learning garden, and the local community woodland habitat trails.


Earth Day
Leaf Coloring
Vegetables Grown
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