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Community Active in the School


Targeted Leadership Consulting

Targeted Leadership Consulting logo.png

     With the help of our sponsor Targeted Leadership Consulting, the BPMS environment club has plans to build its first ever edible garden! As noted in the letter, Mr. Nelsen (president and CEO of TLC) is offering to not only provide a financial donation for supplies, but to also participate in the construction and  maintenance of the garden! 

     Mr. Nelsen has been a sponsor of BPMS for the last two years and has contributed many times during our community outreach events. For example, he donated and passed out beautiful carnations to each mother, aunt, and grandmother who attended the 2019 Muffins for Moms Event last May, has helped sell candy grams for PTA fundraising, participated in the Arlington Echo Field trips as a supervisor, and has even helped teachers reconstruct and paint their classrooms during the summer!

      BPMS is humbled and most appreciative of Mr. Nelsen's ongoing support and services!

Targeted Leadership letter 2.JPG

Arlington Echo


  Every year BPMS welcomes Arlington Echo in for a special lesson to all of our 6th graders on how water purity can be determined by macroinvertebrates. This lesson, which is taught by the Arlington Echo staff, is part of their school outreach program and prepares students for their upcoming field trip that they take later in the year.  One brave 6th grader in each science classroom gets to show off the macroinvertebrate anatomy at the end of each lesson! 

Photographed: Maygan Lukeski from Mrs. Barbee's 6th grade class (2020)

MayganLukeski as a macroinvertebrate

The Complete Player Youth Empowerment Program


  For the past several years our sponsor TCP has come to Brooklyn Park to help our students build project models and business plans that support our community. Their mission is dedicated to providing opportunities to our youth and leading them into taking charge of their future and reaching their full potential.

 Andy Schindling, Founding Executive Director of TCP stated in an email to BPMS this year, "Our hope is that we will be returning to Brooklyn Park next year to continue our program and have the next group of students create new projects for the community." (2020) 

Photographed: Students at BPMS in 2019

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