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School Active in the Community

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Clothing Drive
Animal Drive

Hammond's Park 

Spruce up

  BPMS students worked together with our TCPC sponsor to create the Hammond's Park Spruce-up! This event which was meant to take place on April 18, 2020 will now take place after the school's and public reopen.

Scheduled events include:

* Installing new lumber on park 


* Painting artwork on park 


* Mulching the playground area

* Building bird feeders

*Building food pantries

* General park clean up

Hope For All

Clothing Drive

  For the past two years, under the guidance of our 7th grade councilor Mrs. Grandy, the Hope For All Clothing Drive has come to Brooklyn Park Middle in order to serve our families in need while practicing conservation! This charity not only helps to repurpose clothing (preventing waste), but has helped thousands of families by offering free clothing and beds. With the help of teachers, staff, and students this event has been a HUGE success!

Photographed: 2019 Clothing Drive in the BPMS Cafeteria after school

BARKS Animal Food Drive

Every year with the help of Mrs. Davis, BPMS participates in the BARK animal food drive in order to provide food, towels, blankets, and other necessities to local animal shelters. This fundraising event also helps with conservation as old towels and blankets are collected and donated instead of discarded by the community!

Photographed: Students in the 2019 BARK drive

Harvest for the Hungry Food Drive

Every year BPMS participates in the Harvest for the Hungry Food Drive. We strongly believe that no food should go to waste, and that no person should ever go hungry. Students, staff, and teachers all bring in canned and non-perishable foods in to be donated.


Lunches for The Lighthouse

  We are proud of our 6th grade girls who worked hard to bring food to the people who need it most at The Lighthouse. Not only are our students preparing lunches, but they are being sustainable while spreading kindness! Below, you can see they've used paper bags for each meal AND they've written kind messages on the bags to lift the spirits of the community. 


Photographed: 6th grade girls (2019)

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