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Girls Run the World Club

Healthy School Environment

Since last year BPMS has been granted with a sponsorship for a Heart and Sole Club thanks to the work of Ms. Horn and Ms. Reed (our 7th grade science and language arts teachers). This year (2019) you can see their progress and determination to run the 5k in Druid Hill Baltimore this winter (to the right) which they completed with success! The picture on the left is a photo of the entire club after their last big practice run on the BPMS track with the school mascot. The picture on the bottom left is of the entire team after the big 5k race. And, the picture on the bottom left is of Mr. Baker, our 6th grade math teacher you volunteered as a student running partner!

Pictured above to the left are a few of our 7th grade environment club members (Aspen and Emma) cleaning the field during the practice. Because the environment club wanted to cheer on the Girls Run the World Club during their final practice (which was a big deal!) the environment club decided to walk alongside the girls for moral support and clean the field at the same time! 

Girls Run the World 5k
5k race
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