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Structures for Environmental Learning

Theatre class

  Whenever the weather is nice you will always see classrooms moving outside! Though we have no permanent outdoor classroom structures yet (due to funding), we act creatively and find places that make our students comfortable and engaged. 

 To the left is Mrs. Talios's theatre class. Her students come outside regularly to learn as they are lucky to have a door to the outside right in their room! (2019)

 To the right is an 8th grade language arts class. You can see students are quite comfortable on the ledge and in the grass while they complete their work and reading. (2019)

Outdoor reading
Outdoor Classroom Proposal

Our bees are always working hard to get what they want! This year (2019) 8th grade student Seven Jones and 6th grade student Alyssa Gatcomb were awarded 1st place for their Outdoor Classroom proposal! They not only designed an outdoor classroom space, but they estimated the cost of supplies, reached out for community support and presented their work in front of a panel judges! We couldn't be more proud! 

And, with the help of our sponsor (The Youth Empowerment Program) their design may hopefully become a reality as the director has already reached out to the Anne Arundel County Park and Recreation asking for building approval!

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