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Aiyana in the Garden

Habitat Restoration

  Since the beginning of the year our busy bees have been learning to maintain the front garden beds. These gardens were originally planted by students during the summer of the previous year, however, our 6th graders this year wanted to help too! Here you can see at least six of our 6th grade students participating in the garden clean up effort. Not only did they remove unwanted litter and debris, but they also nourished the soil with the donated coffee the environment club collected from contributing families and the local starbucks!

   Below, you will find a letter from our local sponsor, Targeted Leadership Consulting affirming our plans to create BPMS's first edible garden bed this spring! With their amazing support, classrooms will not only be able to extend to the great outdoors, but our students will also learn the value of growing their own foods and the importance of eating locally sourced produce!

Hailey Garden.jpg
Targeted Leadership letter 2.JPG
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