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The Weekly Buzz 

Every Sunday our principal Mrs. Shakan sends out our online newsletter called The Weekly Buzz. This newsletter contains all of the important information and upcoming dates staff needs to know, and also provides shout-outs for teacher/staff accomplishments, all while saving paper!

Mrs. Shakan takes care of plants

Plants in the Classroom

BPMS teachers and staff love their classroom/office plants! We have a total of 64 plants in the building! Thankfully, Mrs. Shakan took them all home with her in order to care for them during this unforeseen school closure. Thank you Mrs. Shakan for taking care of our plant family!

Plants in the classroom
Sunshine in classroom 2.jpg

Classroom Sunshine

With views like BPMS who wouldn't want to use all the natural light they've been blessed with? Our teachers keep the lights off and the windows open whenever possible. Many of the classrooms on the third floor (as well as the library) have stunning views of the rolling hills leading to the Baltimore City skyline.

Bee healthy newsletter.PNG

Bee Healthy!

Every season the Bee Healthy Charter gathers the best healthy recipes, exercise strategies, and recycling tips and send them out to all the staff through the online Bee Healthy Newsletter. In this addition you can see that we are asking teachers to turn all power sources off during winter break.

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