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 The Bee Healthy Charter

BPMS is a proud supporter of both the green school and wellness initiatives. In order to maintain a healthy school, staff, and student body the Bee Healthy Charter meets the 2nd and 3rd Thursday of every month. Together, this group collaborates on how to best serve the school and surrounding community and works hard to achieve both the green school and wellness certifications.


PDs for Green School and Wellness

 On March 16th, 2020 the Green School PD for BPMS was going to take place. During this PD the powerpoint given by Ms.Parker from Arlington Echo was going to be shared and the Green School requirements were going to be reminded.

On March 24th, 2020 the Wellness PD was also going to take place. 

Unfortunately, due to current events both PDs will be rescheduled as soon as schools reopen.


Our Teachers Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!

Our teachers at BPMS never cease to amaze! Whether its taking 5-day PDs, going all the way to New York City to learn new techniques, or turning their classrooms virtual and saving a ton of trees --- Our teachers are leading the way!


Collaborative Planning

Throughout each quarter of the year the department chair Ms. Ory as well as the 6th grade science teachers plan for enviornmentally healthy lessons. In the first unit of the year which discusses space, students learn about the importance of photosynthesis and the possiblities of growing food in microgravity. In the second quarter, students learn about the dangers of misquitoe viruses and where misquitoes like to breed. Students also learn about the dangers of climate change and its affect on misquito populations. In the 3rd quarter students learn about ecosystems and the biodiversity of the Chesapeake Bay. They also spend two weeks conducting a Green School Project which involves hands-on research outside to complete a school-yard report card. Finally, during the 4th quarter students learn about water scarcity and the importance of water conservation.


Mandatory Staff Meeting: Green School Certification & Recycling 

In the first week of October teachers and staff held their first mandatory staff meeting of the month. During this meeting Mrs. Barbee and Mrs. Hacker of the Healthy Bee Charter announced the BPMS goal to apply for the Green School certification, discussed what this required and explained to teachers and staff that they would be receiving a recycling box for paper. They were also informed of the new recycling program that would occur weekly.  


Mandatory Art Integration PD: Using art integration to teach environmental sustainability 

On Monday September 23, 2019 all staff were required to participate in an hour long PD taught by AACPS Arts integration director Lacey Sheppard. Through art integration Lacey demonstrated how teaching sustainable practices such as recyling can be fun in the classroom. By the end of the lesson teachers were dressed in costumes made of recycled material and presented themselves down the runway!


PD with Melanie Parker from Arlington Echo

Back in November, Ms. Melanie Parker from Arlington Echo came for a visit during club hours to teach the Green School requirements with an informative Powerpoint, and to answer any questions students and teachers may have. Members of the Drama club as well as the environment club were in attendace, and teachers from the Healthy Bee Charter as well as others took notes. Mrs. Parker was very helpful and we greatly appreciated her visit!


PTA Presentation for the Australian Wildfire Fundraiser

During the PTA meeting in January (2020),  Mrs. Barbee presented a fundraising idea to the principal and the board members that involved raising money for an Australian non-profit that helps rescue wild animals. After learning about the fires that engulfed Australia's landscapes and the damage that was caused to the Outback ecosystems, students wanted to help. All 6th grade students worked together to write poems about climate change and/or the fires in order to spread awareness, and these poems will be hung in the halls leading down to the school's main entrance by the Environment club.

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