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In the Classroom

At BPMS we pride ourselves in knowing that all of our students from 6th-8th grade will participate in both NGSS and a curriculum based on Anne Arundel County's  environmental literacy program. However, our teachers and staff go  above and beyond the curriclum to provide hands-on inquiry-based learning that will help to instill not only a love for learning, but an appreciation for the natural world. 

Outdoor reading

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor education is proven to not only increase school performance, but it also supports healthy child development. Our teachers and staff understand how important both outdoor structured learning AND unstructured nature based play can be on the emotional, behavioral, and intellectual development of our students. See how our students experience the outdoors!

Hacker Field Trip.jpg

Field Trips to Connect with Naure

Our busy bees love being in the great outdoors, and we love taking them! At BPMS we go beyond the walls of the classroom to provide unforgettable experiences in nature every year! We strive to expose our studnents to the natural world in order to broaden their sense of advenure and to increase their appreciation of the world around them. 

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